Valentine's Day Ideas for Every Relationship Stage

Valentine's Day Ideas for Every Relationship Stage

February 07, 2022

Whether you have been together five months or five years, here are the best date ideas for you and your special someone this Valentine’s Day!

For the new couples:

Ice skating

Nothing brings two people together quite like trying to ice skate. This classic date idea never seems to get old—you can literally lean on your significant other for support. And, if one of you is better than the other, it can be a great teaching experience.

Wine tasting

Check out a local winery and expand your wine knowledge by going on a tour. Be sure to try a variety of wines and experiment to see what suits you and your significant other’s palates. Who knows, you may find out you have similar taste!

For the exclusive couples:

Cooking class

Get out, learn a new skill, and eat a good meal. Change up your usual dinner date plans and bond over making a meal together instead. There are plenty of different cooking classes to take part in—choose your partner’s favorite kind of cuisine, and surprise them with a class they will surely love.

Volunteer together

Valentine’s Day is all about demonstrating love, and that doesn’t necessarily mean for just the people closest to you. Volunteer for an organization you both feel passionate about, and find comfort in the positive effect you can have on your community by showing acts of love and kindness to all.

Weekend getaway

Find the perfect getaway in a city, mountain, or anywhere that you have wanted to explore together. Take advantage of the holiday as the perfect excuse to get out and see a new part of the country you haven’t yet explored.

For the married couples:

Game night

If you and your significant other are always on the go, try planning a night in! A night at home with drinks, snacks, and a few games you can play together is a simple way to enjoy each other’s company.

Set up a bonfire

February means that spring is around the corner, but nights are still filled with a winter chill. Plan a romantic bonfire to keep warm and enjoy the great outdoors. Be sure to prepare in advance with the proper supplies for s’mores to make the evening a little sweeter.

Make this Valentine’s Day special at any stage of your relationship by trying out some of these perfect date ideas!

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